Ålesund, Norway ~ Hotel Brosundet

September 2019

Ålesund is one of the most unique towns in Norway, and it was an obvious choice for a visit during a trip to Norway. A charming and easily-encompassed city, Ålesund is renowned for its Art Nouveau architecture. Because we would be there only one night, it was important to find a hotel close to the center of town, and the Hotel Brosundet had an excellent location right on the water and within walking distance of the entire city center.

First, some history

Ålesund’s charm came at a terrible price. On a night in January 1904, most of the city, built predominantly of wood, was destroyed by fire. Fortunately, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany had spent time in the area and came to the rescue, providing needed materials and skilled workers to rebuild. And this time the city would be built of brick and stone in the then-popular Jugendstil or Art Nouveau style. Since much of the city was rebuilt in a relatively short period of time, the city center has a remarkable uniformity of style.

img_0798A place by the water

Hotel Brosundet was an easy choice for lodging. The family-owned hotel has a sterling reputation and is right in the center of town overlooking a picturesque inlet. The hotel building was originally a warehouse, and the hotel conversion is a design-lover’s dream. Our room was well-appointed, but the real delight was the view out over the water.

In good hands

As much as we think we know what goes into a great hotel experience, sometimes it’s the intangibles that take a hotel from good to great. Hotel Brosundet checks all the obvious boxes: location, service, quality of rooms and dining, and so on. But there is something more here: a sense that you’re in good hands, almost as though you’re at home, relaxing and immersed in a comforting atmosphere.

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Worth the effort

Norway is replete with jaw-dropping scenery, so it’s no wonder Norwegians love to be outside, and seemingly every town has hiking amenities right at the doorstep. Ålesund is no exception. If you want a bit of exercise, find your way to the city park at the top of Lyhauggata and look for the stairs that take you to the top of Aksla Hill. It’s a bit of a climb, but there are plenty of resting places along the way, and at each one, you’ll gaze in wonderment at the scenery. The view from the top is no less than spectacular. Your effort will be rewarded with a fine view looking down at the town and various islands as the fiords give way to the Atlantic Ocean.


Stay details

  • Hotel Brosundet
  • Location: , Ålesund Norway
  • Our stay: 1 night, September 16, 2019
  • Room 2009, harbor view room

What we ate, what we did

  • Dinner and breakfast in the hotel–excellent
  • A walk through town
  • A hike to the top of Aksla Hill for a wonderful view

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