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Can we tell you about the places where we’ve stayed?

If you’re visiting our blog, we imagine you love to travel as much as we do. In fact, we love everything about it, and we embark on a travel adventure whenever we can — near or far.


The Dylan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Templation, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Downtown Mexico, Mexico City

Ladera, St. Lucia, West Indies


Alma Hotel, Minneapolis, MN, USA

One of our favorite things about getting away is staying in hotels — all kinds of hotels. We have to admit: It’s a lot of fun to enter a hotel lobby for the first time, check in, and then — in anticipation — open the door of a room to discover what awaits us.

If you, too, are a lover of hotels, you might enjoy reading about some of our visits.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself in one of these cities or towns and want a recommendation to stay…or to stay away. We’ll tell you how we found the hotel and what we thought of it. And we’ll share any advice that might be of use.

Templation Resort ~ Siem Reap, Cambodia ~ March 2017

Before you jump in to any of the links below, here are a few important things to know:

  • We don’t get to travel as much as we’d like (looking forward to retirement for that), so you won’t see a new entry every few days. We add entries as much as our travel schedule allows.
  • With the exception of some quick overnights, most of our hotel choices are the result of a good bit of research. When we travel, we typically arrange two things in advance: transport to wherever we’re going and hotel bookings. Beyond that, we mostly go with the wind. Because we’re hotel junkies (and, we think possibly, hotel snobs), we put in the work to find places we’re fairly confident we’ll like. Therefore, this site is curated to the extent that, with a few exceptions, we only share places we’ve stayed that we think are worth sharing.
  • Beyond our musings, we’ll give you some details about the hotel, but specifics like prices aren’t here. Of course, prices fluctuate a lot, and you can easily get rates through the hotels’ websites or something like (We do recommend booking directly whenever possible; it’s good for you, and it tends to be good for the property too.)
  • These opinions are our own. Feel free to share anything here, but please credit


Excelsior, Minnesota, USA ~ Hotel Excelsior

New York City, NY, USA ~ ModernHaus SoHO

Amsterdam, The Netherlands ~ The Dylan

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA ~ Four Seasons

Taos, New Mexico, USA ~ El Monte Sagrado

Santa Barbara, California, USA ~ Palihouse Santa Barbara

In Brief (New entry: May 2022)

Red Wing, Minnesota, USA ~ St. James Hotel

Key West, Florida, USA ~ H2O Suites

Stillwater, Minnesota, USA ~ Hotel Crosby

Pandemic Hotelling

Mexico City, Mexico ~ Downtown Mexico

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA ~ Celeste of St. Paul

La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA ~ Charmant

Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Virgin Hotels Chicago

Ă…lesund, Norway ~ Hotel Brosundet

Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway ~ Basecamp Hotel

Oslo, Norway ~ The Thief

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA ~ The Oxbow Hotel

St. Lucia, West Indies ~ Ladera Resort

Chetek, Wisconsin, USA ~ Canoe Bay

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA ~ Alma Hotel

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA ~ The W, Foshay Tower

Shoreditch, London, UK ~ The Curtain

Tetbury, The Cotswolds, UK ~ Oak House No. 1

Wayzata, Minnesota, USA ~ Hotel Landing

St. Petersburg, Russia ~ Rossi Hotel & Spa

Stillwater, Minnesota, USA ~ The Lora Hotel

Siem Reap, Cambodia ~ Templation

Miami, Florida, USA ~ The Mandarin Oriental

Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Wythe Hotel

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